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Legislative Audit Press Release

Press Release:

The preliminary report by the state legislative audit of the no bid contracts during the initial stages of the COVID-19 emergency raises issues that need to be addressed.  First, this is not the audit that John Dougall promised to release.  It was done by the Legislature Auditor, a state employee, not an elected official.  I reiterate my call for Auditor Dougall to release his audit with all due haste.  The longer this drags on the more apparent it becomes that politics and cronyism are involved in the State Auditor's office.  Second, The state wasted millions of dollars in taxpayer money.  While no one can dispute the emergency nature of the COVID-19 emergency, the lack of input from health experts, and the decisions to forgo normal purchasing policy, are an appalling lapse of judgement by our state leaders.  Utahans have an inalienable right to hold their elected officials accountable, and to see how their tax dollars are spent.  The office of the State Auditor should be above all politics and I can promise I will not be held to any political agenda if elected as your auditor.  Taxpayer dollars are to be used under the highest levels of scrutiny and safeguards, and that is what the State Auditor should be doing.  Using an audit or delaying the release of one that appears to benefit a fellow partisan to aid their election campaign is beyond the pale.   


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