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My name is Brian Fabbi, and I am the United Utah Party candidate for State Auditor.  I am running against John Dougall, the incumbent Republican candidate for State Auditor.  I view with alarm the delay and apparent politicization of the audit into the no-bid contracts during the opening stages of the COVID-19 Crisis.   I agree with Chris Peterson in his comments to the Salt Lake Tribune that “it’s critical that we have an auditor who will act as an independent set of eyes for the public, checking and balancing the books for our state government.” I will be that auditor.  No audit should be done by a fellow partisan of the target, nor should the reporting of an audit be delayed because of politics.  Auditor Dougall promised the release of the audit’s results after the Republican Primary.  It is now two months past that and less than two months to the election.  The results should be presented to the public with all due haste. 

I will strive to be an independent, non-partisan auditor, and that all audits will be performed with the utmost transparency and accountability.  That is why I am running as a member of a third party, because the auditor position should not be partisan. I see the position of auditor to be one of the utmost public trust and responsibility.  I will hold everyone accountable for how they use taxpayer dollars.  The mere appearance of political motivation in an auditor casts suspicion on their audits, and their ability to faithfully discharge their duties.


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